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Sustainably Reducing Ocean Plastic

What We Do

Everything loop2cycle does revolves around reducing the amount of plastic waste that is entering our oceans. Building awareness and providing solutions. 

We manufacture small upcycling machines that allow communities to convert No-value single-use plastic waste into high-value quality consumer products ready for sale. Diverting plastic, from pollution to product, around the world.   

Ocean lovers who want to be involved in reducing ocean plastic are the customers of products manufactured by these communities. We can all be involved in making a difference.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”Margaret Mead

We are dedicated to gifting 50% of our business profit toward ensuring that our machines are provided to underprivileged communities in need.

How It Works?

An upcycling machine is combined with a plastic collection program to clean up the local environment. We call this a micro-cycler project. Committed people making a positive difference, to reduce plastic waste, in their towns and villages.  

A micro-cycler project can be self-funded or profitable depending on circumstances. Every micro-cycler reduces the amount of plastic entering the natural environment and creates value from waste.

Make your plastic waste useful. 


Who We Are

A few years ago, two Australian sailors, Carlos and Adrian met while sailing around the beautiful islands of Malaysia. They were both shocked at just how much single-use plastic waste was blowing around the beaches and floating in the water.

The ocean and marine animals they love were suffering terribly due to the large amounts of uncontrolled plastic waste entering the water.
It was obvious that the people living in these remote areas could not deal sustainably with the plastic (mostly food packaging) that was coming into their communities. The challenge was to change things for the better.

Carlos and Adrian continue to inspire people to take action at all levels of society to reduce the ocean plastic crisis and provide the tools to make that happen.

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Inspired by Our Action

We empower all people – you, me, us, them – to make a significant and meaningful reduction to the global plastic waste problem.


In Local Communities

We enable people to manage their own plastic waste at the source providing them with the tools and knowledge to do this economically and sustainably.


Around the Globe

We ensure plastic waste becomes a commercially valuable resource within the community, avoiding its entry into the natural environment.

Featured Partners


We have used their equipment and expertise to conduct activities with our coastal communities to try and solve the plastic pollution on our beaches. I can assure you that they are doing something that is unique and extremely valuable to Malaysia.
Adrian Lasimbang
Senator, Government of Malaysia
The loop2cycle team are great at ideas, creativity and implementation. They’re always ready to answer any questions and help us out with ideas and making every situation super easy. Right from the ordering of the machine, to the shipping across land, to the development of things to make out of the waste!
Tasmin Chilcott
Starboard Co.
We have found loop2cycle inspirational. You have taken on many large and challenging tasks working in a remote region by building beautiful machines, creating change and helping people with jobs.
Bill and Angela
Fishing for Plastic NPO