3 in 1 Plastic Upcycling Machine

Mobile, Safe, and Easy To Operate

The 3 in 1 is our most popular model. It allows the user to shred, injection mold, and extrude all conveniently organized on one tabletop. (other 2 in 1 or single module models are also available)


We ship to just about anywhere in the world. Transport via either surface or air freight.


All parts are manufacture to the highest standards and fit for purpose. Our machines meet CE standards


We provide online and on-site training and answer any questions you may have.

The Best Community Upcycling Solution

  • Create Valuable Products
  • Reduce Your Pollution Impact
  • Create a New Source of Income
  • Generate Plastic Waste Awareness
  • Effective Hands-on Education
  • Foster a Proactive Community
  • Inspire Happiness and Purpose With a Cleaner Environment

Features Overview

3 in 1 Workstation

Built for efficient and productive workflow for either one person or a small team.

High Quality

Powered by a high-quality 220v-240v motor attached to an Italian gearbox. Electrical wiring meets or exceeds CE standards.

Custom Mold

We design and manufacture affordable molds as requested by project sites. We test every mold we send out. And we work in conjunction with the project to provide tailored solutions.


All table parts are powder coated, fabricated 32mm square steel tube to ensure longevity.

Safety Protection

Includes individual circuit breakers, forward, stop, reverse, and emergency shut-off buttons. All moving and hot areas are protected by guards.

Easy to Transport

Light and mobile. Table legs are removable allowing for flat packing during transport.

Upcycle a Wide Range of Plastics

Generally, Type 2, Type 4, and Type 5 plastics are recycled the least by commercial recyclers. Our machines love these types of plastic. There is no requirement to use any polluting additives or water. You can create a wide range of products with unique and interesting colors.

  • take-away food containers
  • instant noodle wrappers
  • single-use utensils
  • straws
  • bubble tea cups
  • hand cream and shampoo containers
  • and many more everyday products!


Dimensions are 80cm(H) x 110cm(L) x 60cm(W) and weighs less than 80 kg. Easily movable by one person.


All electrical systems are fully grounded. Safety switches, fuses, circuit breakers, and emergency stop buttons are installed. All hot surfaces and moving parts are protected with stainless steel guards. Manufactured with your safety in mind.

Easy To Operate

Comprehensive user manual with super simple procedures. No technical knowledge is required. Anyone can operate these machines. You can manufacture high-quality products with a few days of practice.​

What Our Customers Say

As there aren't many recyclers out there that take in type 2 or type 5 plastics for recycling, it was a delight for us to know that your machine was able to crush the type of plastics we had and turn them into a recycled item. This has definitely helped us to reduce plastic waste going to landfill or not being recycled properly and also helping us to close the loop. Your team strives to ensure all demands and needs are met, providing finish goods in time.
Cheryl Cheam
The machine is awesome - branded beautifully and pretty simple to use. Love that it’s all mounted on one workspace. We’ve learned a LOT since we first started using it, and I think that’s the best way - just to get stuck in and start making. It’s hard to explain how epic their support has been along our journey with our machine. From late-night video phone calls to emergency texts whilst we were at the hardware store to buy supplies - every single time we’ve needed help, the team have gone out of their way to support us.
Linzi Hawkin
Plastic Free Jersey
The machine really works to turn our old packaging into something useful!
The Body Shop
We love the compact nature and custom features of our 3 in 1 upcycling machine from loop2cycle.
Bill and Angela
Fishing for Plastic
The multiple uses of the machine make it great for us to show volunteers who come to our Trash Hero events, or to show our Starboard meeting attendees what we can do with plastic waste. In Thailand, there is so much waste everywhere, with the loop2cycle machine we can super easily transform what we collect into something cool and use it for something else! The machine fits well in our workshop area, it looks eye-catching and cool, people love to stop and look at it and read what it is all about!
Tasmin Chilcott
Starboard Co.
The machine is great. I do treat it hard but it performs VERY Well. I have it outside under an open-air roof. but it would get a few drops of rain on it and to be honest, I don't care for the machine as much as I should and it still works solid. The latest coasters I have made are incredible, It's such a versatile machine that the problem is deciding what to make.
Daniel Quilter
Fuze Ecoteer
I really appreciate the overall quality of the build on the machine, the wiring is very well done and far cleaner than I could have managed on my own. The team was more than willing to help me get the machine working and provided replacement parts with no question, which I appreciated.
Chris Bilynsky
Earthside Manufacturing
The advantages of these machines are that they are educating the local population while cleaning up and producing everyday products for these communities or for orders that loop2cycle has procured.
Adrian Lasimbang
Senator, Government of Malaysia

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