Whether you are an Individual a Company a School a Community Group there are ways you can help reduce plastic pollution.

We at loop2cycle empower everyone to make a difference.


It is difficult to get our message out to people in this busy world. You can help us spread the message of the unique loop2cycle project. Share our posts and website on your social media telling your friends that you are supporting this great project. Follow and comment on our posts. Go on, press the button below.....Thanks for helping.


Buying a product manufactured from 100% plastic waste is a cool way to support the project. You may also like to join our gang and wear one of our "Reducing Ocean Plastic: Tee shirts from our online shop. You can use these products yourself or give them as thoughtful gifts. Every time you buy something from us you have stopped another piece of ocean bound plastic becoming pollution and supported our project to continue doing good things.


We think that it will take a world community effort to reduce ocean plastic and the uncontrolled burning of plastic waste. Tell us about any ideas you have for future plastic upcycled products and/or contacts that you think will assist us to take our project forward. We would love to hear from you.

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Companies Can Adopt a Village

We provide an opportunity for large and small business to do some real good for the planet via their Corporate Social Responsibility program.

The focus is to “adopt” a remote community and provide them with a Micro-cycler machine and a structured waste collection program. This begins the process of changing habits and reducing plastic pollution.

The fact is that the poorest small villages in remote areas are often the ones most in need and they will never have the finances to kick start the process of using plastic waste sustainably.

Without support, these villages will continue to view plastic as waste and they will continue to simply throw it away to end up in the ocean.

With your support, plastic waste will be seen as a valuable resource that can be used to make products for everyday use or sale to third parties.

The development of a local Micro-cycler business creates employment for people in less fortunate circumstances.

The program has proven to be sustainable, commercially viable, and measurable in its impact.

With a small commitment, you can kick-start a micro-cycler project site and give a remote village the ability to deal with its plastic waste commercially and sustainably.

Take the time to make contact with us for a chat to learn more.

"No one person can do everything, but everyone can do something. "

Schools Can Start an Upcycling Program

School children are one of the greatest ambassadors for change when it comes to environmental issues, including sustainable management of waste plastic. When we inspire students and encourage them to become active, informed, and sustainability-minded citizens, we can drive true behavioral change for the community.

We supply schools with machines that empower their students to upcycle their own (and their families) waste plastic into a wide range of products that can be used or sold within the school community.  The range of products that can be produced is as broad as your imagination.

Rather than putting plastic waste into a bin and allowing someone else to deal with it, upcycling teaches children firsthand about the processes and economics of managing plastic waste.

The introduction of an Upcycling machine into a school provides numerous benefits for the school, such as:

  1. The opportunity for hands-on, interdisciplinary lessons that educate students about the environment, personal responsibility, community action, sustainability, and resource management. 
  2. Reduce the amount of waste that the school sends to the landfill and the associated greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Create income – the sale of upcycled products creates income that will offset the initial cost of the machine.
  4. Reducing a school’s pollution footprint and closing the loop on plastic waste, protecting the ocean and environment.

Community Groups and Clean Up Associations

Many groups around the world are actively involved in cleaning up the environment (beach and river clean-ups, etc) and making their local community aware of plastic pollution and alternatives.

When we inspire communities by our actions (clean-ups, social events, providing school education, etc) people become more active, informed, and sustainability-minded citizens.

A growing number of groups are using our plastic upcycling machines to significantly increases their impact on community awareness of plastic pollution and the reduced use of single use plastic. When collected plastic is used to make new consumer products, you are demonstrating the closed-loop story in “real time” and the flow on educational benefits are numerous.

.The introduction of our machines into a project will increase your impact in numerous ways, including;

  1. Community interest and engagement opportunities will significantly increase. When plastic is collected and then used to make new products, the community and media become much more interested.
  2. It makes a lot more sense to make new products out of plastic collected rather than just putting it into a recycling bin (a significant amount ends up in a landfill).
  3. Create income. Products produced can be sold within the community to produce cash for other purposes.

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