A Micro-cycler makes plastic waste valuable. Reducing the amount of plastic being thrown away.

We follow a simple three-step process that empowers people around the world to sustainably and profitably reduce their plastic pollution.

STEP 1 : Deliver an Upcycling Machine

Our machines are low-cost, portable, and very simple to operate. This makes them ideal for delivery into remote communities in developing nations.

We also supply these machines to people and communities in developed nations who want to “self-cycle” their plastic waste or use them to assist with educational and awareness campaigns. This includes schools, charities, and your average person, who wants to reduce plastic waste. It is sad to note that worldwide, 91% of what goes into curbside recycling bins ends up in a landfill.

Our upcycling machines are ready to produce high-quality consumer products from plastic waste, by simply plugging them in.

STEP 2 : Set Up a Plastic Waste Collection Program

We assist communities to set up sustainable plastic collection programs and/or enhance existing systems. This is particularly important in remote communities that have no commercial collection infrastructure to deal with plastic waste. We provide a total package of knowledge, training, and support to ensure a successful project outcome.

A micro-cycler project can be self-funded or profitable depending on circumstances. Every micro-cycler business reduces the amount of plastic entering the environment AND creates value from waste.

STEP 3 : Create a Market for Upcycled Products

Every time you purchase an upcycled product, you are creating demand and providing income to a community that is actively collecting more waste plastic. Every bit of waste plastic collected is used to manufacture more products ready for sale. More sales, more plastic collected, less pollution.

You have the power to stop another piece of plastic from entering the ocean. Simply look in our shop and make a small purchase. Do something good today.

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