Every Item You Purchase Helps Reduce Plastic Pollution.


Save a Sea Turtle Necklace


$25.00 SGD

  • Made from Plastic Waste – Our beautiful turtle necklaces have been manufactured from 100% Ocean Bound plastic by the Orang Asli people, the remote aboriginal groups in Malaysia
  • Made by Indigenous Community – Plastic is collected in the village and then processed through a small machine supplied by loop2cycle. These communities are turning their plastic waste into quality products and creating income.
  • You Can Make a Difference – Quite simply, every turtle necklace purchased provides income and incentive to a community that is actively collecting more waste plastic. Every bit of waste plastic collected is used to manufacture more products. More sales, more plastic collected, less pollution. You have the power to stop another piece of plastic from entering the ocean, thank you for helping with this project.
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Save A Sea Turtle

Man-made plastics are killing sea turtles in unprecedented numbers, as they are mistaking it for food. Studies now show that over 50% of baby sea turtles are found to have ingested microplastics and that populations are in sharp decline.

Stop Pollution at the Source

The source of ocean plastic is commonly from communities in developing nations that are importing plastic, as food packaging, but do not have the money or systems in place to sustainably manage the waste created. This means, plastic waste often ends up in the ocean.

Provide Income for Remote Communities

If you, like us, care for the ocean and its amazing animal inhabitants, then join us in our mission to provide more machines to remote communities so that they can do something useful with their plastic waste and earn an income.

Support Plastic Cleanup

Wearing a turtle necklace that is made from 100% ocean-bound plastic shows that you are a supporter of increasing public awareness and of the negative impact that plastic is having on the world's oceans. Let's work together to provide solutions that help reduce ocean plastic pollution. Your purchase will make a difference.

Made From 100% Plastic Waste

30 Days Return Promise

Ship Directly To Your Doorstep

Every Purchase Reduce Plastic Pollution